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Plan4 Business Modeling System

Brodie has been a leader in delivering winning CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions for over 18 years. The awards we have received are a testament to our clients and to our belief that success is not accidental. You earn success by working hard, working smart and by leveraging the best resources available to you. To ensure that we will always deliver the right solution for our clients we have developed a proprietary system called the Brodie Plan4 Business Modeling System.

Our Plan4 has been developed over many years of pioneering work in the CRM industry. It ensures that a roadmap for success has not only been visualized but built in such a way that success is virtually guaranteed.

We are confident to say that when our clients have

a clear vision of what defines success for their business and work hard with Brodie toward achieving that goal, their CRM solution will meet and exceed expectations every time.

If you are considering purchasing a CRM solution for your company we strongly recommend avoiding the quick fix solutions available today and to take your time to explore all of the options available to your company.

Success is not accidental; it takes hard work and vision.

Using this belief as a foundation and our knowledge base for the structure, we have built Plan4; our proprietary, PROVEN methodology for the successful execution of CRM implementations.

Contact Brodie today to discuss how they can help your organization Plan4 CRM success.

Here’s how Plan4 works:

Step 1: Complete a Vision Document
Before undertaking any CRM project, you need a clear vision of your needs and the current issues you face and your definition of success. Our vision document will help you draw out those needs, help you prioritize the issues and will establish the benchmark for success of your installation.

Step 2: Business Model Pre-Planning
This is the second most involved step in the process. We will have our CRM specialists come and spend up to 3 weeks at your location with you, interviewing and observing in order to ensure that every detail is accounted for. This is the process that separates “Out-of-the-Box” from “personalized technology.”

Step 3: Business Model Delivered
After all of our extensive research, Brodie will deliver a physical binder that encompasses the entire “plan forward” – your Plan4. This will guide the entire implementation process to ensure that the end result meets your needs and expectations.

Step 4: Implementation and Training
Building the solution as per plans isn’t where the installation ends. We will also share information about the project to build enthusiasm and drive home the benefit of the solution to the user groups. Our goal is to leave you with a system that works the way you do and a team that is equipped to put your CRM to work the way it was planned to.